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November 2017

Cable & Wireless Reports Preliminary Q3 2017 Results


Cable & Wireless Reports Preliminary Q3 2017 Results Return to RGU Growth with 20,000 Adds; Rebased Revenue Growth1 +1% 165,000 New Build / Upgrades YTD & Hurricane Recovery Underway   MIAMI, FL – November 2, 2017 – Cable & Wireless Communications Limited (“C&W”) is a leading telecommunications operator in its consumer markets, which are predominantly located in the Caribbean and Latin America, providing entertainment, information and communication services to 3.5 million mobile, 0.4 million television, 0.6 million internet and 0.6 million fixed-line telephony subscribers2. In addition, C&W delivers B2B services and provides wholesale services over its sub-sea and terrestrial networks that connect over 40 markets across the region.  Liberty Global’s Acquisition of C&W On May 16, 2016, a subsidiary of Liberty Global acquired C&W (the “Liberty Global Transaction”). Revenue and subscriber statistics have been presented herein using Liberty Global’s definitions for all periods presented unless otherwise noted. Further adjustments to…

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