A Synergy that Make Us Stronger

By November 21, 2016 newsletter

Several months on, it’s important to take stock of how our company’s acquisition by Liberty Global has positively impacted our business and operations.

This collaboration has brought benefits in the form of new perspectives and opportunities that enrich our everyday work, which can be seen, for example, in the recent participation of C&W executives at Capacity Europe, together with Liberty representatives. The following C&W executives were present at the event held in Paris: Eduardo Gandarilla, vice president of sales and marketing; Francisco Moreno, marketing director; and Andrew Lee.

This close collaboration strengthens a forward-looking company that values teamwork, allowing it to build upon each team member’s talent and potential. Initiatives such as this prove that, together with Liberty, our business will continue to grow and evolve, with many new possibilities taking shape in the medium term. For this to happen, we must keep working alongside our parent company, taking advantage of its reach and industry knowledge.

There’s no doubt that by joining forces with Liberty Global, the doors of the world have been opened to us. This synergy strengthens us and positions us a step ahead of our competition.

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