Cloud Computing: The Future of Telecom

By January 26, 2017Blog, Cloud, Featured

Though it may seem far-fetched, we’re convinced that the future of everything connected lies in the cloud. Today, saturated telecom market means that the battle for new subscribers is increasingly competitive and value-added services have struggled to generate the same revenue as voice services. For these reasons, it’s important to seek out other sources of revenue to ensure continued growth. In this context, cloud computing is positioned as an excellent revenue opportunity for operators.

As traditional landline and fixed phone lines disappear, telecom companies migrate towards mobile services with for a new future in the cloud. Some companies are relying on cloud-based IT as the next great business opportunity. However, it is important to remain flexible and open to change while in transition to a new idea. Operators can position themselves to capture the benefits of the value chain by providing communications and IT business capabilities to develop this business model and to help provide public services at a lower cost. Everything considered, the overall trend seems of businesses moving toward OPEX-oriented models for software, systems and service. How does a carrier go about achieving this? The answer lies with the solutions offered by C&W Networks.

The cloud era is based on the idea that by sharing resources while saving money and developing new work ethics, we can better develop a set of best practices. Telecom operators can achieve a more direct relationship with business clients because of the further development of technology, service and management aspects of their business operations. In fact, telecom operators have several advantages over Web 2.0/cloud providers including the following: their networks, which provide adequate bandwidth; end-to-end quality of service and security; commercial maturity, which provides stability; customer service; customer confidence in their services; better operational processes; and lastly, greater service availability.

Carriers already have the personnel and technical expertise to build and operate data centers and backup centers. They also have earthquake-resistant central switching offices – which can also be used as data centers – with high-capacity air-conditioning, electric supply and security.

For these reasons and many others, telecommunication providers worldwide must actively promote awareness of cloud computing and explain its benefits to create a demand for its products. We believe that successful telecommunications companies will continue to expand, even if traditional phone businesses ultimately disappear.

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