C&W Networks Boosts Digital Marketing Strategy

By December 28, 2016 newsletter

C&W recently launched its new website with improvements in visuals and a dynamic range of utilities the modern times. The company and market news will be updated weekly. There will be an up-to-date page that will be useful from those who are connected with potential clients and clients of C&W Networks.

In early January, the company will be launching banner campaigns in BNAmericas.com, Latin America’s leading news site. The banners will be presenting in Capacity E-Publications which forms part of the community of these prestigious events. This project will extend our company’s name to another target audience.

The News Blog is the star of our 2017 digital strategy. The company has launched this new communications channel to get closer to the industry. C&W Networks has improved with innovative content focusing on issues such as: broadband in the Caribbean, new technologies, innovation, advances in 5G networks, the growth of the Ethernet market, cybersecurity and other issues.

With this project, the company has reaffirmed the choice of social networks as a key channel in our strategy. With a presence currently on Twitter and LinkedIn, the goal is to share the C&W Network Blog content with the new social media network platforms. These platforms will continue to continue broaden the digital ecosystem.

The C&W Network Blog is a useful tool that will allow us to highlight those issues that the company wishes to pursue and put on the market agenda. You are all welcome to participate —we hope you will— by contributing content and suggesting subjects for each month. The C&W Network Blog sets out to be a source of reference and information on content for the industry. This new tool is further proof of our desire to communicate with the market through the channels it uses most.

We want the C&W Network Blog to become a preferred source of information for all those interested in the areas where we have a presence with both the quality and the relevance of our contributors.

It is important that we all participate in this new company strategy. You can participate actively through our social media network channels, or go one step further and propose content that will help us to show that we are industry leaders. We are market leaders throughout the Pan Caribbean region and we want to tell the world why we made it this far. We look forward to hearing from you!

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