C&W Networks – How we’re improving

By October 12, 2021 September 30th, 2022 Resources

At C&W Networks we are evolving, growing, and expanding our network to meet the growing connectivity needs of our more than 3 million residential customers, 125,000 businesses, and carriers across Latam and the Caribbean.

And we are continuing to invest in our network. In 2020 we invested 18% of our revenue in P&E additions and have added eight terabytes of capacity to our subsea network over the past two years, building on our ability to meet customers where they need us to be.
C&W’s subsea cable network is a MEF 2.0 certified, fully meshed MPLS network that runs more than 50,000 kilometers and serves as a backbone to our terrestrial networks in over 40 countries. We offer the region’s lowest latency and highest availability IP services, provide consistently superior service quality and availability through a self-healing network that can reroute traffic in under 50ms when disruption occurs. And we match all of this with our highest quality installation and support standards.

During the past 18 months, we have also been finalizing the implementation of Coriant’s mTera universal transport platform for network optimization. This has been designed to meet the current and future bandwidth demands from our customers and their diverse list of networking needs. This innovation now powers the largest fiber-optic network in the entire Pan-Caribbean region.
mTera’s platform greatly simplifies multiservice bandwidth management. We can now instantly deploy 10 Gbps circuits across the entire network and enable 100 Gbps port service in our subsea network. It also allows us to configure network changes instantly and taking advantage of open automation to streamline network management even further.

Our new network architecture now offers real geographic redundancy across the counties we operate in; it’s easier than ever for us to build new circuits and expand overland, and allows us to keep overall latency low despite our network’s expansive reach.
We have also recently finished work on integrating what used to be AT&T’s wireless and wireline operations in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In just under 12-months we have successfully moved from initial purchase to final, full implementation – a testament to our agility. This move has made us the leading integrated provider in Puerto Rico, a distinction that will serve us as we expand technologically and geographically.

On top of this, we have also secured a three-year partnership with Ericsson as we move towards our virtualized mobile core consolidation project. This core network overhaul will see Ericsson deploying state- of-the-art network solutions, ensuring our customers see better performance in the areas that matter to them most:

Our transformed virtual data center and colocation offer, partnering with Ingram and Microsoft Azure, now allows us to deliver a new suite of multi-cloud solutions. These changes bring our offerings closer to the edge, a move primarily designed with our enterprise customers in mind delivering solutions that bring their transport and storage needs closer to the users relying on them.
These innovations allow us to give our customers better insight, visibility, and control than ever before. This not only opens the door for a new era of managed service delivery; it also prepares our customers and us for new edge computing use-cases and applications, however they may look over the coming years.
We are focused on enhancing our customer offer, strengthening our network, and continuously re-evaluating what we can deliver, as we continue to change, adapt, and evolve in line with our customer needs.