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Ethernet is probably the most versatile communications technology with the highest growth in the last years: it is part of the core of many major business networks today, and its applications are practically unlimited.

Ethernet protocol-based technologies enable level 2 connectivity to support multiple level 3 protocols (such as IP and MPLS). In addition it provides a wide scope of accessibility capacities ranging from 1 Mbps, in the traditional modality with Fast Ethernet ports, up to 1 Gbps in the Gigabit Ethernet modality.

C&W Networks specific features also allow the option to define classes of services in all of our links under the Ethernet protocol.

This is particularly interesting for multiservice access; one of the remarkable features supported by our service meant to maximize use of links with mixed data, voice, video, and multiple applications traffic.

Our service is delivered in the following modalities:
  • Point-to-Point (PtoP):

  • Point-to-Multipoint (PtoMP):

  • Multipoint-to-Multipoint (MPtoMP):

Cloud Connectivity

Ethernet Point-to-Point (PtoP)
Ethernet Point-to-MultiPoint (PtoMP)
Ethernet MultiPoint-to-MultiPoint (MPtoMP)
Private lines

Metro Ethernet Forum EVC

Ethernet Virtual Connection

E-Line (Ethernet Private Lines)
E-Tree (Rooted Multipoint EVC)
E-LAN (Transparent Lines)
L2 VPN (E-Line)