MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) based networks are the most reliable and cost-effective alternative for IP data transportation today.

The own MPLS features added to the benefits of IP protocol have even overcome some of their weaknesses, such as connection-oriented and security.

Since the MPLS protocol works precisely between levels 2 and 3 of the network, it allows using Ethernet services advantages (in level 2) to transmit multiple data and applications in level 3 (e.g. using IP).

To the multiple points’ connectivity and security of natively segregated networks, C&W has added the possibility to define multiple classes of services applying QoS (Quality of Service) policies on MPLS links thus enabling bandwidth resources sharing while complying with each application and business process requests.

Our MPLS L3VPN service is offered following the RFC2547 guidelines, which support the highest international quality and security standards.

MPLS L3VPN normally supports four types of services:
  • Real Time

  • Business Prioritized

  • Business Non-prioritized

  • Best effort

Our backbone flexibility also enables definition of other kinds of services based on each customer’s specific needs.

C&W Networks’ platform offers superior reliability and scalability of international wholesale capacity bandwidth across 42 countries