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By December 5, 2016 December 15th, 2016 newsletter

On this occasion, C&W’s CEO John Reid wishes to bring us up-to-date on three key areas that will impact the company as we begin the new year: Our long-range plan, the execution of that plan and our new operating model.

It is important to mention that these are challenging times for C&W, particularly since we have not met all our company-defined performance metrics. Nevertheless, Reid is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for C&W. In fact, he said, “Despite all of our challenges, our Networks’ group won three prestigious industry awards this year, the B2B team secured major contracts against international competitors, winning customers such as the Jamaica Stock Exchange and the Guardian Group (the largest for our Company) and Flow Sports continues to receive great accolades, beating the competition in viewership, content and quality,” he continues, “I am convinced that we can be an even better company, performing at consistently high levels, delivering and supporting products and services that our customers will rave about a company where we can all be proud to work.” However, to make these exciting changes possible, we may need to do things a bit differently.

Reid introduces the long-range plan, “a great vision requires a solid plan.” He adds, “To achieve our objectives, it is critical to identify areas of our operations that require us to change the way we operate. In many respects, we have to change our approach, and at C&W this change will come alive through our new operational excellence initiative…we will ensure that we are ‘lean’ with the most appropriate resources to best serve our customers so we can increase our performance.” Reid stresses that we will be, “focusing on our leadership team, talent review, performance management and mentoring as part of this process.”

Our CEO also proposes that we adjust our current operating model to improve our performance. “We will still operate under a matrix model, but we will transition to a commercially focused ‘single-view’ model to operate under two regional units: the Caribbean and LATAM…this will allow us to move from a B2B / Consumer view of the world, to ‘one commercial organization’ that will be more aligned at corporate and in-country.”

To facilitate the transition, Paul Scott will lead the Latin America division responsible for both the Networks and B2B lines of business. The company also plans to appoint a president for the Caribbean, who will be responsible for Flow and C&W Business in that region. “Through this model our expectation is that we will improve commercial excellence and execution, generate greater internal learnings, identify synergies, and create centers of excellence in customer value proposition, marketing, and customer experience. A newly created position of Chief Commercial Officer will give greater focus to our commercial strategy,” explains Reid.

Understandably, these changes—on top of the many others that the company has seen in recent years—may cause anxiety, which is why we will be holding meetings to talk to you about our new plans. Our CEO will also be visiting to offer a more in-depth explanation of these changes. According to Reid, “Change is the one constant in our business. Just take a moment to think our how technology has changed your own lives, and then reflect on how we as a business need to adapt and change parts of our model and our operating methodology to ensure we remain both relevant and profitable in this changing world.”

Stay positive! Together, we can adapt to the changes and continue to walk the path of success.


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